The Daily Work Treadmill – A Fabulous Way To Stay Healthy

An Exclusive Interview with Steve Bordley – Inventor, TrekDesk

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Most experts offer advice on how to get off the daily work treadmill.

Steve Bordley - Monday Morning Radio

Bordley spends the majority of each work day on his treadmill at his TrekDesk

Entrepreneur Steve Bordley makes his living encouraging small business owners and professionals to get on the daily work treadmill.  Literally.

Bordley is the inventor of TrekDesk, a specially designed treadmill desk that allows users to conduct their daily affairs – whether they’re graphic designers, accountants or salespeople — all while walking slowly on a treadmill.

Bordley and TrekDesk have become global sensations, as more and more otherwise sedentary executives recognize the health benefits of walking while you work. Bordley is this week’s mobile guest on Monday Morning Radio.

Posted: August 18, 2014
Monday Morning Run Time:  33 minutes  31 seconds
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