You’ve Got 160 Characters to Score a Marketing Homerun. Go!!

James Sorbel

Jaymes Sorbel, founder of MeTesto Professional.

Jaymes Sorbel knows how to get the immediate attention of your customers and drive them to action: text message them.

Sorbel, founder of MeTesto Professional, says the 160 characters contained in well-executed text-message campaigns can generate a huge response.  A key reason?

Customers are so viscerally addicted to receiving and sending text messages that 80% of us text while watching TV and 44% of us take our smart phones to bed with us.

Sorbel details the dos and don’ts of effective text-message marketing on this week’s Monday Morning Radio.

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[Note: At several spots in this week’s episode, the sound quality is briefly inaudible.  The glitches pass very quickly.]

Posted: August 4, 2014

Monday Morning Run Time:  34 minutes  41 seconds
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