The UnBusiness Story Behind Chapel Dulcinea

A Special Episode Featuring Pennie and Roy H. Williams

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Sometimes the best business stories are UnBusiness stories.

The tale of Chapel Dulcinea is one of those, the world’s first and most popular free wedding chapel – launched in 2005 by Wizard Academy co-founders Pennie and Roy H. Williams – and playing host to more than 1,000 new unions each and every year.

Pennie and Roy, who were married with hardly a dime to their name in 1976, envisioned Chapel Dulcinea as a sanctuary to help cash-strapped couples take their vows and first steps forward as a married couple.

This week, host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart joins Pennie and Roy on a special edition of Monday Morning Radio, to share the wonder and magic of a dream wedding chapel come true. What’s your UnBusiness dream?

[To contribute as little as $5 a month to help defray the cost of keeping Chapel Dulcinea free, click here.]

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Posted: October 2, 2017
Monday Morning Run Time: 36 minutes 43 seconds 

KIND Healthy Snacks Hits a PR Grand Slam with Times Square Stunt

Audacious Sugar Dump is a ‘Buzz Snatching’ Gem

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Last week, in a publicity stunt ripped from the pages of host Dean Rotbart’s Wizard Academy Buzz Snatching course, KIND Healthy Snacks dumped 45,485 pounds of sugar right in the heart of New York’s Times Square.

The audacious move won instant global recognition for the company’s new line of no-added-sugar fruit snacks by highlighting the mountain of sugar (20-feet tall and 30-feet wide) that America’s kids consume every five minutes.

This week on Monday Morning Radio, KIND’s Drew Nannis, vice president of integrated communication, shares the details of his company’s elaborate planning, as well as his #1 recommendation for other companies – big or small – considering similar buzz snatching events.

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Posted: August 28, 2017
Monday Morning Run Time: 31 minutes 15 seconds 

Ray Bard’s New Book is Intended to Help Salespeople; But Don’t Be Fooled

Fired Up! Selling is Really About Fired Up! Living

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One of Ray Bard’s favorite quotes in Fired Up! Selling, his compilation of great quotes out today (Monday, August 7th), comes from comedian Steve Martin: “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

Which, says host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart, is an apt description of every book that Ray and his Bard Press publishing house produce, including bestsellers The ONE Thing; The Little Book of Selling; and, of course, The Wizard of Ads Trilogy, by Roy H. Williams.

In asking more than 1,200 quotes judges to help him select the 324 quotes used in Fired Up! Selling, Ray’s intention was to inspire, energize, and help salespeople succeed. But as Rotbart and Ray demonstrate on this week’s special edition of Monday Morning Radio, Fired Up! Selling is overflowing with wise words to motivate us all.

To order your copy of Fired Up! Selling right now, visit

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Posted: August 7, 2017
Monday Morning Run Time: 42 minutes 42 seconds 

A Special Treat For Your Medial Orbito Frontal Cortex (Pleasure Center)

Introducing The Whisk(e)y Marketing School

Whittington (l) & Fischer

Whittington & Fischer

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You’ve read this week’s Monday Morning Memo, now hear all about The Whisk(e)y Marketing School from Professors Daniel Whittington and Tom Fischer.

Daniel, in Austin, and Tom, in London, will orate on exactly why storytelling, showmanship, and Single Malt Scotch make for an ideal blend.

As Daniel and Tom instruct the always sober Dean Rotbart, The Whisk(e)y Marketing School is only partly about understanding the world of whiskey. More importantly – and in keeping with the ethos of The Wizard Academy – the new school is really about making memories and creating experiences that people throughout the nation will soon be clamoring to partake in.

Whether you imbibe or not, there are some great business and marketing principles to savor on this week’s episode of Monday Morning Radio. Drink it in.

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Posted: June 29,  2015
Run Time: 
24 minutes 46 seconds

Turning Brand Stories into Buyer Legends – A Master Class

Featuring Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg

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Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg

New York Times bestselling authors and Wizard Academy faculty members Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg are out with their latest blockbuster book, Buyer Legends, a Master Class that shows companies large and small how to use customer narratives to turbocharge sales and transform business cultures.

Bryan and Jeffrey are recognized global authorities in marketing optimization, analytics and customer experience design.  With their new book, they demonstrate how to best communicate your brand’s story intent at each and every level of your organization, from the stockroom to the boardroom.

Buyer Legends is available now as a download from  On this week’s Monday Morning Radio, Bryan and Jeffrey take listeners on a private tour of their new book and the concepts that are already revolutionizing sales and performance at companies such as Google and HP.

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Posted: October 27, 2014
Monday Morning Run Time:  31 minutes  01 seconds