Dr. Bo Knows: Podcasts Deliver an Audience and Results

Successful Serial Entrepreneur Produces 7 Podcasts

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Is podcasting an effective marketing tool?

bo_bennettBo Bennett sure thinks so. The serial entrepreneur just launched his 7th podcast – The Dr. Bo Show. “Dr. Bo” – who has a Ph.D. in social psychology – finds that podcasts deliver a steady stream of customers for his various ventures, including online courses, public speaking, and ebooks.

Why? Dr. Bo says many people have brains that are hardwired to be more receptive to audio input than reading or videos. (Where have we heard that before?) Join in this week on Monday Morning Radio and be counted among the audio cognoscenti.

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Posted: May 4, 2015
Run Time: 33 minutes 44 seconds

Reputation Matters: Halliburton and the Ghost of Dick Cheney

Ghost of Dick Cheney

By Dean Rotbart

A former hedge fund manager and acquaintance of mine tells me that public opinion holds no sway over the Justice Department officials who will decide the anti-trust permissibility of the $34.6 billion Halliburton-Baker Hughes merger. Not on this deal. Not on any deal.

Clipboard and toolbox with toolsAll that matters, he argues, is whether the HAL-BHI merger complies or fails to comply with very clear anti-trust regulations.

My reporting experience tells me otherwise. Whether Supreme Court justices, federal and state judges, regulators or the President himself, I believe pubic arbiters interpret the laws and regulations through a prism of public opinion. If I’m right, reputation matters. And while Halliburton may have the nation’s highest-powered legal eagles on its team, it would be folly to dismiss the public relations swamp this deal could become mired in.

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