When You Want to Get the Media’s Attention, Be a Source, Not a Salesperson

Zach Leibowitz of Dukas Linden PR and His Proprietary Formula for Placing His Clients on TV

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When some of America’s most successful blue chip investors and securities analysts want to increase their exposure on CNBC, Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV, and other financial broadcast networks, Zach Leibowitz is their go-to PR guru.

Zach is executive vice president and head of broadcast operations at Dukas Linden Public Relations.

In the past year alone, Zach and his colleagues have landed their clients on more than 600 broadcast segments. That’s an incredible track record.

Zach’s proprietary formula for getting TV producers to showcase his clients is applicable to any business seeking visibility, whether it operates on Wall Street or Main Street. This week, Zach gives host Dean Rotbart an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of what makes TV producers say, “Yes.”

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Photo: Zach Leibowitz, Dukas Linden Public Relations
Posted: March 9, 2020
Monday Morning Run Time: 38:28

Reputation Tool Chest Insights: Dumb and Dumber Ways to Promote Yourself

Host Dean Rotbart Shares Three Lessons on Ways to Work with Journalists and Other Influencers

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Not for the first time, or even the second, or the tenth: Dean Rotbart’s scheduled guest on this week’s edition of Monday Morning Radio was a no-show.

You absentee guests know exactly who you are.  Shame on you!

The good news is that without a guest, Dean is able to reach into his Reputation Tool Chest and share three self-marketing gems for companies and individuals who seek the attention of journalists and other influencers. 

Dean has taught at The Wizard Academy since the early 2000s, first sharing his Newsroom Confidential insights, then Buzz Snatching, and most recently Reputation Tool Chest.  All three workshops have this in common: they defy the conventional wisdom of how influence is created, relying instead on deconstructing real-world success stories.

When they show up, Dean always enjoys interviewing business owners and experts, because he can not only share their wisdom with listeners, he can learn from his guests himself. This week, alas, he can only pass on what he already knows.

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Posted: January 14, 2019
Monday Morning Run Time: 10:00


KIND Healthy Snacks Hits a PR Grand Slam with Times Square Stunt

Audacious Sugar Dump is a ‘Buzz Snatching’ Gem

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Last week, in a publicity stunt ripped from the pages of host Dean Rotbart’s Wizard Academy Buzz Snatching course, KIND Healthy Snacks dumped 45,485 pounds of sugar right in the heart of New York’s Times Square.

The audacious move won instant global recognition for the company’s new line of no-added-sugar fruit snacks by highlighting the mountain of sugar (20-feet tall and 30-feet wide) that America’s kids consume every five minutes.

This week on Monday Morning Radio, KIND’s Drew Nannis, vice president of integrated communication, shares the details of his company’s elaborate planning, as well as his #1 recommendation for other companies – big or small – considering similar buzz snatching events.

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Posted: August 28, 2017
Monday Morning Run Time: 31 minutes 15 seconds 

How’s Your Reputation?

Participants in the Reputation Tool Chest Workshop at The Wizard Academy

Participants in the Reputation Tool Chest Workshop at The Wizard Academy

Reputation Tool Chest at Wizard Academy: February 16th and 17th

The Cowboy and the Mountain Gardener, the White Glove and the Red Shovels; the Durham Three; the Milne Court (Nova Scotia) Two; Two Daughters (a message therapist and a photographer); the Authority Architect; a Readability Expert; the Sexy Boss and the Emissary of Love.

Each a unique and special talent, they came to The Wizard Academy in search of the reputational tools that will propel them to their business and personal best.

For two days, led by reputation coach and Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart, each entrepreneur found the inspiration and discovered unconventional methods to become better known and respected as the central player on their own reputational stage.

At the core, the group learned about Rotbart’s Five Pillars of Reputational Success and how to apply each proven concept to their own reputational blueprints.

Now it’s time to sit back and await the audacious projects that these eager participants conceived and designed. Today their names may or may not mean anything to you. But stay tuned. In the very near future, the seeds planted at the February workshop will blossom into powerful new local, regional, national and even global reputations. You can count on it.

Special guest Heather Ann Havenwood and Dean Rotbart

Special guest Heather Ann Havenwood and Dean Rotbart

Thanks to all who attended and special thanks to guest speaker Heather Ann Havenwood – CEO of Havenwood Worldwidethe “Picasso of Personal Brandingand to Daniel Whittington, Vice Chancellor of The Wizard Academy.

If you’d like to attend the next Reputation Tool Chest Workshop, email Dean Rotbart and ask to be notified of his upcoming classes. Reach him at Dean@MondayMorningRadio.com.

Reputation Tool Chest Workshop


Rich Carr of Legacy Axis discusses methods to use online education to build a powerful reputation.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and company executives from around the country gathered in Denver ahead of Labor Day to attend the two-day Mile High Reputation Tool Chest Workshop.

The reputation clinic featured Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart, along with three nationally respected faculty members. The workshop was designed to help individuals and companies establish greater visibility by relying on a blend of reputational tools, including media relations, content marketing, SEO, social networking, videos, photos, and strategic events.

Read more here.

You Will Finally Write Your First Business Book This Year. Bet On It!


The Profitable Business Author: Julie Anne Eason

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Procrastinators and self-doubters be forewarned. This week on Monday Morning Radio, Wizard Academy graduate Julie Anne Eason will kick to the curb all your best excuses for not writing a book to help promote yourself and your business.

Julie, a professional writer and coach, has heard every excuse in the book – for not writing one. She’s not buying any of them.

Julie Anne Eason

Julie Anne Eason

Julie’s own book, The Profitable Business Author, is due out any minute. Moreover, Julie will be joining Rich Carr (last week’s guest) and Elad Hogen as guest faculty members at Dean Rotbart’s upcoming Mile High Reputation Tool Chest Workshop.

On this week’s podcast, Julie shares some of her best publishing insights and previews her presentation at Dean’s awesome workshop (September 3rd and 4th.)

p.s. There is no “Rabbit Hole” on Monday Morning Radio. But, if you’ve ever considered writing a book and haven’t yet done so, be sure to keep listening this week after the formal portion of the podcast ends. We dare you!

p.p.s. Join Dean, Julie, Rich Carr, Dennis Kneale and many others in pledging to write your own book and challenging others toReach Out and Write.”

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Posted: August 10 2015
Run Time: 
37 minutes 11 seconds