The Amazing Tale of the Chicago Cubs World Series Championship as Told by a Master Storyteller

Phil Revzin on Baseball, Business, and a Stellar Career in Journalism

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This week on a special “Spring Training” edition of Monday Morning Radio, host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart interviews master storyteller Philip Revzin, author of “Just One Before I Die: A Cub’s Fan’s Chronicle of a Championship Season.”

A Chicago native, Phil’s career in journalism spans more than 40 years, and includes stints as Editor and Publisher of The Wall Street Journal Europe; senior editor at St. Martin’s Press; and Editor at Large at Bloomberg News.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Phil shares his insights on how others can publish a so-called instant book; the business lessons that can be gleaned from the Cubs’ World Series success; and why good writing and storytelling will never go out of style. 

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Photo: Phil Revzin and his wife, Betsy Berry
Posted: February 20, 2017
Monday Morning Run Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Just One Before I DieYou can pick up your very own copy of “Just One Before I Die” from our Monday Morning Radio Book Club. Whether or not you’re a Cubs fan, or even a baseball fan, you’ll find yourself caught up in Phil Revzin’s storytelling. To purchase your e-book and begin reading instantly, visit:

X-It Interview: A Candid Look Back (and Ahead) with One of the Nation’s Top Small Business Journalists

Raymond Hennessy, Former Editorial Director, Entrepreneur Magazineraymond_hennessey

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Until March of this year, Raymond Hennessey served as the editorial director of Entrepreneur Media, publisher of Entrepreneur magazine. He was one of the nation’s top small business journalists.

This week, Ray sits for a candid X-It Interview with Dean Rotbart, host of Monday Morning Radio and executive editor of Ray is now Chief Innovation Officer at JConnelly, a respected New York-based communications and marketing agency.

Free to speak his mind, Ray shares his frank thoughts on journalism and public relations. 

Highlights of the interview include:

  • How companies large and small are successfully bypassing the newsroom and connecting directly with consumers
  • What many companies still misunderstand about content marketing
  • Where most PR agencies still fail to understand journalists and consumers 

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Posted: May 16, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 41 minutes 26 seconds

This Globe-Trotting Entrepreneur Has Some Main Street Insights For You

David Schlesinger, Founder, Hong Kong-based Tripod Advisors

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Talk with the Queen of England. Chat with the president of Turkey.

David Schlesinger, founder of managing editor of Hong Kong-based Tripod Advisors, travels the world to stay atop international affairs, risk Tripod Advisors' David Schlesingeranalysis, politics and economics. His clients are big businesses and major news organizations, but his insights have value to small business owners and entrepreneurs as well, especially if you do, or ever plan to do business in China.

Formerly the global managing editor of Reuters, David takes Dean Rotbart on a thrill ride this week on Monday Morning Radio. Want to come along? Hang on tight.

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Posted: October 13, 2014
Monday Morning Run Time:  33 minutes  38 seconds

Avowed Provocateur: Dennis Kneale From Journalist to Entrepreneur

A Joint NewsBios-Monday Morning Radio Interview

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Award-winning journalist Dennis Kneale is a self-described provocateur, who has spent 25 years afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted.

Most recently, Dennis was an anchor and senior correspondent on Fox Business. Before that, he worked at CNBC, was managing editor at Forbes, and a senior editor at The Wall Street Journal.

Dennis Kneale

Award-winning journalist Dennis Kneale is a self-described provocateur, who has spent 25 years afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted.

Now Dennis has started his own consulting agency, Dennis Kneale Media, and this week on a joint NewsBios-Monday Morning Radio podcast, he dishes dirt on his old journalism colleagues, talks about the impact of powerful storytelling, and shares with host Dean Rotbart some of the trials of segueing from journalist to business owner.

Whether you are a senior Fortune 500 corporate communications executive or the owner of your own, growing business, Dennis has some valuable media relations tips for you.

Visit Dennis’ website here and his LinkedIn page here.

Follow NewsBios on Twitter @newsbios. Order NewsBios at 1-866-NEWS-070, ext. 2. “Because what’s not in their official bios is often far more important than what is.”

Posted: September 15, 2014
Monday Morning Radio Run Time: 36 min 06 secs
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