Garrison Brothers Defied the Naysayers to Produce a World-Class Bourbon Whiskey in Texas

Join Guest Host Lem Lewis, The Ranch Broker, for a Shot of 100-Proof Business Wisdom

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Lem Lewis, aka The Ranch Broker, steps to the mellifluous Monday Morning Radio microphone this week as guest host.

Lem, who in addition to his duties as a trusted advisor to ranch buyers and sellers, is a certified whiskey sommelier, having earned his credentials from The Whisk(e)y Marketing School – part of Wizard Academy.

For his popular podcast, RANCHCAST with LEM LEWIS, Lem recently interviewed Dan Garrison proprietor of the award-winning Garrison Brothers Distillery. When Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart heard Lem’s RANCHCAST interview with Dan, Dean told Lem, “I have to share Dan’s story with my Monday Morning Radio listeners.” Lem graciously consented.

Dan’s is a great business and whiskey story.

Headquartered on a ranch in tiny Hye, Texas, Garrison Brothers defied all the naysayers who warned Dan and his loyal crew that quality bourbon was strictly the province of distillers in Kentucky and Tennessee.

First distributed in 2011, Garrison Brothers bourbons have become so popular that like the best Texas barbecue, they regularly are sold out.

In fact, Dan’s bourbons have such a cult-like fan base that his wait list for volunteers to help him inspect, seal and box his spirits has grown to 9,000 names and counting. Dan’s secret: those volunteers who agree to spend two days helping out are rewarded with a shot of “courage” every half hour during the workday.

As you’ll hear, Dan Garrison is overflowing with big-as-Texas swagger and valuable entrepreneurial insights that you’ll want to drink in slowly.

But be forewarned: Dan’s language, like his prize-winning unfiltered and uncut Cowboy Bourbon, is occasionally 137 proof. If four-letter words offend you, you may wish to skip this week’s episode.

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Posted: May 15, 2017
Monday Morning Run Time: 33 minutes 39 seconds 

If You Can Imagine a New Product, Filip Valica Can Help You Make it a Reality

The Product Startup Coaches Inventors from Concept to Shipping

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filip_valica-fDo you have what it takes to be the next Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla? You might just be surprised.

Filip Valica, a freelance engineer and founder of The Product Startup, specializes in empowering small business owners and professionals – especially doctors – to succeed at do-it-yourself product development; coaching first-time inventors along a 16-step path from idea, to prototype, to manufacture, and ultimately, to shipping.

Join Filip and host Dean Rotbart as they explain how you, too, can turn a product idea into a profitable reality.

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Posted: March 6, 2017
Monday Morning Run Time: 38 minutes 48 seconds 

Main Street Is Awakening to the Huge Opportunity Augmented Reality Presents

IT Craft’s Anthony Suddia Explains How Pokémon GO’s Technology is Trickling Down to Small Business


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The technology that powers Pokémon GO is coming to a small business, perhaps yours, soon.

Augmented Reality, which allows smartphone and tablet users to locate, capture and train virtual Pokémon creatures in real-world settings, is also enabling consumers to test drive virtual furniture in their living rooms, authors to make photos leap off the pages of their books, real estate agents to offer immersive virtual tours of homes for sale, and doctors to test, virtually, surgical procedures on live patients.

IT Craft, based in Ukraine, is a leader in the global effort to bring Augmented Realty, known as AR, to Main Street businesses.

This week, Anthony Suddia, a Kharkiv-based content specialist with IT Craft, takes host Dean Rotbart and his Monday Morning Radio listeners on a wild tour of AR and how it is transforming the small business world.

Brace yourself, for your own reality is about to be augmented.

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Posted: September 5, 2016
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Grab Your Slice of the $45 Billion Apps Marketplace

United Games Aims to Be the ‘Uber’ of Digital Gaming

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If you love sports, or have customers, friends, and family who do, this week’s edition of Monday Morning Radio may offer you a low-risk way to earn some extra income – and really enjoy it.

My guests – John Zehr and Robb Lewis, say they’ve developed an opportunity to leverage your existing customer base and social networks to grab a slice of the $45 billion apps industry. 

lewis-zehr-collageRobb Lewis is an executive with Utah-based United Games, which has created a live, interactive sports app that promises to let sports fans – in the stadium, on their televisions, or using their smart phones – experience and interact with live sporting events like no game app ever before.

John Zehr, an early adopter, is one of thousands of affiliate hopefuls who plan to use word-of-mouth buzz to attract players to the free app – and profit when those players buy tokens, or watch commercials embedded into the game.

The opportunity intrigued host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart enough that he not only invited John and Robb on the program, he agreed to pay the rather minimal upfront fee and small monthly retainer to try his hand at becoming a games app mogul.

[Email Dean at and he can provide you an official invitation to become an affiliate as well.]

To paraphrase President Reagan, Dean says, “I plan to trust United Games, but verify. I encourage my listeners to do likewise.”

Photo: Robb Lewis (l) and John Zehr
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Posted: August 22, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 40 minutes 58 seconds

To Be A Quote Judge or Not To Be?

The Fired Up Selling Project From “The Bard of Austin”

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The Fired Up Selling Project is a nationwide campaign to identify and showcase the Ray_Bard_Headshottop 300 statements ever made for brightening the spirits and focusing the minds of sales professionals and entrepreneurs.

Would you like to be one of the judges who gets to decide which quotes make that list? Ray Bard, the owner of Bard Press (and the first-ever chairman of the board of Wizard Academy) is inviting you to help him select the final 300 quotes that will be published in 2016 and sold in bookstores nationwide.

Ray tells reputation coach and Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart all about it this week. You’ll be glad you listened. And you can quote us on that.

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Posted: November 9, 2015
Monday Morning Run Time: 34 minutes 38 seconds

An Under-the-Covers Report: Meet Kangapoda’s Eclectic Founder

Hal Mintz is a CPA, MBA, JD, and Venture Capitalist

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The human foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and Hal_Mintz_Steamingligaments. Perfect for walking. But when many people tuck their tootsies under their bed covers – to read, watch TV, or sleep – they wind up with leg and foot pain, and cramps.

Hal Mintz was one such sufferer. So the seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist set out to invent better bedding. The result: Kangapoda, a lush line of U.S. made, patented ergonomic sheets and blankets that offer relief to bedtime foot-pain sufferers.

This week on Monday Morning Radio, host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart goes under the covers to get the skinny on Kangapoda and its unconventional challenge to mainstream bedding manufacturers.

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Posted: November 2, 2015
Monday Morning Run Time: 31 minutes 01 seconds

This App Can Prevent Distracted Teen Driving

Meet the Entrepreneurs Behind DriveSafe Mode

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Can a free phone and desktop application reduce the incidents of distracted teenage driving?

Las Vegas entrepreneurs Leon Wilde and Phil Randazzo believe it can, and they are betting their ample experience as successful business owners and investors on DriveSafe Mode, a patented application they designed to save lives – and parental anxiety.

drive_safe_mode_fThink of DriveSafe Mode as a 24/7 tattletale. If your teen is texting, tweeting, snapchatting, of otherwise posting – when he or she is in a moving vehicle, DriveSafe Mode can shut down the phone and notify you immediately. If your teen tries to disable the application, DriveSafe Mode will let you know that as well. 

This week on Monday Morning Radio, Leon and Phil tell host and noted reputation coach Dean Rotbart how they are navigating the highly competitive web app marketplace, and why they believe DriveSafe Mode is their express lane to a much larger, more successful suite of profitable products.

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 October 26, 2015
Monday Morning Run Time: 35 minutes 09 seconds