A “We” Generation Success: BM Windows and Michal Bohm

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When America is living through a “Me” generation, we admire bold, assertive people.

This is that time when multilevel marketing thrives and hard-sell pressure tactics work best. And the most cutthroat salesmen of all go into the business of selling replacement windows. But when the pendulum has swung into a “We” generation – such as we’re in today – we admire people who are considerate.

Michal Bohm is the highly considerate owner of BM Windows, a replacement window company that has risen to the top of the market through a consumer-friendly website that stresses education, not sales.

Listen in as Michal tells Dean Rotbart, host of Monday Morning Radio and Business Unconventional, how ethical behavior and a customer-friendly website put his company at the top of the heap. Michal and Dean are waiting for you right now.

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Photo: Dean Rotbart, Host
January 5, 2015
Run Time: 21 minutes

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