Monday Morning Radio Host Dean Rotbart is an Award-Winning Journalist

Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart is an award-winning journalist. As a reporter and columnist for The Wall Street Journal, he was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting.

Rotbart was the founder of TJFR Business News Reporter, an influential trade newsletter and magazine that provided a behind-the-scenes look at business and financial journalists and their news organizations.

Dean Rotbart, host, Monday Morning Radio

In 2000, Rotbart chaired the Business News Luminary Awards (BNLA), a project that recognized the Top 100 business journalists of the 20th Century. The awards ceremony, held in the grand ballroom of The Waldorf Astoria in New York, attracted more than 1,100 journalists, family members, and friends.

Rotbart currently serves as chair and editor-in-chief of the 2020 Business News Visionary Awards, which honors those journalists whose efforts and foresight have transformed the profession over the course of the twenty years since the 2000 BNLA honors.

Since 2012, Rotbart has hosted and produced Monday Morning Radio, a weekly business-to-business podcast offering actionable insights to owners and entrepreneurs.

He serves on the faculty and is a former director of the nonprofit Wizard Academy; an innovative school for creative business owners and entrepreneurs. The courses he’s taught at the academy include Newsroom Confidential, Buzz Snatching, and Reputation Tool Chest.

Rotbart is a national ambassador for the nonprofit All Kids Bike® movement that rallies parents, educators, community leaders, health officials, and generous donors to place Kindergarten PE Programs into public schools for free.

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