Defying Conventional Business Wisdom and Succeeding

Russ DiGilio Built a Growing National Chain Despite the Long Odds Against Him


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If Russ DiGilio pitched his business concept to you, chances are you’d run from it as fast as your legs could carry you:

A new donut chain (just what the world is lacking); named Duck Donuts (who doesn’t associate tasty fresh donuts with ducks?); that defies health food advocates (not even a gluten-free variety); and requires customers to come into the donut shop to buy the product (online retailing, what’s that?).

So much for conventional business wisdom.

DiGilio’s Duck Donuts are a mega-success, rapidly spreading across 13 states and more than 100 stores.

This week on Monday Morning Radio, DiGilio demonstrates to our donut-loving host Dean Rotbart, why there is always hope for the entrepreneurial iconoclasts of the world.   

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Posted: November 28, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 36 minutes 52 seconds

The Never-Ending Marketing Appeal of “Free”

An Exclusive Interview with David Erickson, Founder,

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As small business success stories go, it’s hard to do much better than David Erickson and his service.

david_erickson-f-1Launched 15 years ago, David has amassed an amazing record of success that includes serving millions of global users daily; adding more than 100,000 new customers a month; counting 800,000 other businesses as customers; processing more than 1.5 billion total calls; and doing it all without taking on one cent of debt.

David had one secret weapon since day one, the word “free,” which he swears is the best marketing word in the universe.

On this edition of Monday Morning Radio, David shares many of his best entrepreneurial insights with host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart. Like, this podcast is coming to you for FREE.

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Posted: November 21, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 34 minutes 33 seconds

Don’t Break Even, Get MAD – As In Mad Strategies

Morty Silber Squeezes Amazing Profits Out of Event Marketing

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When it comes to putting on dynamic, effective events – whether in the for-profit or non-profit universe – Morty Sibler is the go-to man.

morty_bandwA Wizard of Ads partner, based in Montreal, Canada, Morty consistently shows his clients how to squeeze ten times – sometimes even more – the sales or donations out of once-ho-hum sales presentations and fundraising dinners.  

Morty named his company Mad Strategies, as in crazy or angry. In fact, as he explains to host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart, M.A.D. stands for “Making a Difference,” and Morty spells out exactly how to you, too, can go MAD, this week on Monday Morning Radio.

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Posted: November 7, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 36 minutes 39 seconds