Businessman Dave Chandler is Running (Belt) Circles Around the Competition

Working From Thailand, The Do-It-Yourself Entrepreneur Relies on To Sell His Popular “Running Belt Max” Waist Belts

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Dave Chandler is the consummate do-it-yourself entrepreneur. The creator of Running Belt Max, a popular Lycra waist belt that appeals to athletes and non-athletes alike, Dave has no employees.

chandler_skypeThe Atlanta native serves as Running Belt Max’s designer, marketer, distributor, PR guy, and webmaster. Moreover, he’s orchestrating all of this from Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he relocated four years ago.

Although Running Belt Max is less than a year old, it is already selling better than 97% of all sports waist belts on It’s first production run sold out in only ten weeks.

This week, via Skype, Dave shares secrets from his one-man-band entrepreneurial playbook with host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart, exclusively right now on Monday Morning Radio.

[Dave Chandler has made a small number of Running Belt Max samples available for free to listeners of Monday Morning Radio. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To get your free belt, fill out the short form at There are no costs and no strings attached.]

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Posted: September 19, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 40 minutes 59 seconds


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