‘Rising Above’ Adversity: How Hardship Can Forge Strength

WSJ Reporter and Author Gregory Zuckerman and Sons, Gabriel and Elijah

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Gregory, Elijah, and Gabriel Zuckerman cropped author photo (1)

This week’s guest, Gregory Zuckerman, is marking his 20th year as a reporter with The Wall Street Journal.

Greg, who himself has been a publishing entrepreneur, is fascinated by unlikely characters who overcome life’s obstacles to achieve phenomenal success.

Already the author of two blockbuster books – The Greatest Trade Ever, and The Frackers – Greg enlisted his two sons to pen a third book, Rising Above, the tale of how 11 athletes overcame challenges in their youth to become stars.

Among those Greg and his sons profile are LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Jim Abbott, Shane Battier, and Althea Gibson.

Rising Above is targeted at school-age readers. But whether you have kids who are still in school, or you are a seasoned entrepreneur looking for inspiration, the core message of Rising Above is essential: It’s not where you begin, but where you journey that matters most.

Greg and Gabriel share their experience studying adversity, and working together on a family book project, with host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart.

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 (L-R) Eli, Gabriel and Greg Zuckerman
Posted: August 29, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 33 minutes 34 seconds


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