Senior Citizen Waltz Proves a Viral Success for Tiny Milne Court in Nova Scotia

Luck at the Intersection of Preparation and OpportunitySean_Fraser_Dancing

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Scott Frazer and his son, Sean, help run the family’s service station and convenience store, Milne Court, in tiny New Minas, Nova Scotia, population 2,500.

Last month, when out of the blue an elderly customer in their store asked Sean to dance with her, he obliged. Sean’s impromptu senior citizen waltz was captured on Milne Court’s security cameras and Dad Scott posted it to Facebook. In a two-step, the video went viral and is now nearing 1 million views.

This week on Monday Morning Radio, Scott and Sean share with reputation coach and host Dean Rotbart the story behind their viral video, and the takeaways we all can utilize to generate our own popular online videos.

Photo: Screen shot of Sean Fraser doing the “Senior Citizen Waltz”
Direct Download:
Posted: July 11, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 51 minutes 01 seconds

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