She May Be a Pig Farmer, But She’s Also One Savvy Entrepreneur

Heather Sandford and The Piggery Enjoy a Growing Legion of Loyal Customers


Heather Sandford studied engineering at Cornell University

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You may think you have little in common with a pig farmer and butcher in upstate New York, and you’d be right, unless you value great customer service, superior products, passion, perseverance, and profits.

Heather Sandford has carefully packaged each of those qualities into her store, The Piggery, which helps explain why there are often lines of customers snaking out the door of her farm-to-table butcher shop.

Heather joins host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart this week on Monday Morning Radio, where he huffs, and puffs, and blows away the notion that so-called dirty businesses can’t be great businesses and role models.

Read about Heather’s recipe for success, and Dean’s observations on what other entrepreneurs can learn from The Piggery’s success, here.

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Posted: May 2,, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 40 minutes 51 seconds

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