School Teacher Turned Entrepreneur Collars Celebrities and Their Canines

An Interview with Sarah Hassenger of Four Black Paws

Sarah and her dog, Leila - Four Black Paws

Sarah and her dog, Leila – Four Black Paws

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Sarah Hassenger is a successful entrepreneur, making and selling quality handcrafted bowties that are so popular they’ve been included in the swag gift bags distributed at the Primetime Emmys and MTV Movie Awards.

Celebs who proudly own Sarah’s products include Ryan Gosling (and George), Amanda Seyfried (and Finn), Rachel Ray (and Isaboo), and Alison Sweeney (and Jorge and Winky).

Oh…. Yes…. did we forget to mention that Sarah’s company, Four Black Paws, makes bowties and a full range of stylish designer collars and accessories for dogs, not humans?

Join host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart this week on Monday Morning Radio as he showcases Sarah – a Michigan school teacher by day – and the lessons she offers other entrepreneurs. When it comes to identifying a market ripe for original, playful, and useful products, Sarah is definitely barking up the right tree.

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Posted: April 25, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 33 minutes 12 seconds

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