Jaw-Dropping Insights: The Origins of Idioms, Slang, & Other Common Expressions

Dr. Per-Olof Hasselgren, Author, Body Language – from Head to Toe

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Do you worry that your business might be going belly-up? Just launching a business means you’re not a yellow-belly, although most entrepreneurs do have a propensity to bellyache.

Are you detecting a pattern here?

Hasselgren-Web-Pic-e1438211300452-272x300 (2)Well, belly-up to the bar and share a few belly laughs this week on Monday Morning Radio as Dr. Per-Olof Hasselgren, a professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, shares his collection of common idioms, slang, and everyday English expressions that reference body parts.

Everyone who has a nose for the language arts will find Dr. Hasselgren’s brainchild – and his new book, Body Language – From Head to Toe – an eye-opening experience.

As usual, our gutsy host, reputation coach Dean Rotbart, cuts right to the heart of the matter.

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Posted: March 28, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 26 minutes 38 seconds

The Path to Saving Global Capitalism? More Capitalists.

A Bipartisan Proposal, “The 3rd Way”

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The former deputy speaker of the New Jersey State Assembly, a diehard Democrat, and a prominent New Jersey Republican businessman are on a bipartisan campaign to get more private businesses to give their employees partial ownership of their companies.

Upendra Chivukula

Upendra Chivukula

As Upendra Chivukula and Veny Musim view it, the only way to save capitalism is to exponentially increase the number of capitalists. Their new book, The 3rd Way, spells out the argument and backs it up with substantial empirical evidence.

This week on Monday Morning Radio, Democrat and Republican make their joint case for employee-owned businesses. Upendra and Veny are interviewed by reputation coach and host, Dean Rotbart

As an added bonus this week, be sure to stay tuned following Dean’s interview to hear a short excerpt from Martin’s Business Milestones’ interview with the incomparable Eddie Gossage, president of the Texas Motor Speedway. TMS is celebrating its 20th Milestone Anniversary this year and will be featured soon at www.MartinsBusinessMilestones.com.

Eddie Gossage

Eddie Gossage

Monday Morning Radio listeners get a sneak peak of Eddie’s interview with Dr. Charles W. Martin, founder of Martin’s Business Milestones, a new website created to celebrate and support entrepreneurs. Dean serves as Editor-in-Chief of MBM.

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Posted: March 21, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 28 minutes 33 seconds

Mind the (Generation) Gap: What Millennials Teach Us About Business

An Exclusive Interview with Amy Friedrich, Senior Vice President, The Principal Financial Group

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How’s this for role reversal – Gen X and Baby Boomer business owners stand to learn a lot from (…wait for it) – Millennial business owners. That’s the conclusion of a survey of 600 American small businesses conducted for The Principal Financial Group, a Fortune 500 financial services company based in Des Moines.

MD1292P - Friedrich, Amy_28_150302_export_-2 (1)Amy Friedrich, a senior vice president at The Principal who helps oversee the Index, shares the survey results and her analysis this week with Monday Morning Radio host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart.

They may be younger than their Gen X and Baby Boomer peers, but Millennial-generation business owners are doing astonishingly well and also crushing it when it comes to work/life balance.

When compared to earlier generations of entrepreneurs, The Principal discovered that Millennials are working fewer hours, providing extra and innovative employee benefits, and projecting a higher level of optimism.

An article featuring a partial transcript of Dean’s interview can be found on Martin’s Business Milestones at: http://wp.me/p770YJ-dq.

“Millennials are demonstrating they’re a new driving force as business owners,” says Friedrich. “Between working fewer hours, more growth and higher optimism, millennial business owners are a force to be reckoned with.”

[Amy was previously a guest on Monday Morning Radio in October 2014 discussing the outlook for small businesses. Hear what she had to say back then.]

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Posted: March 14, 2016

Monday Morning Run Time: 40 minutes 30 seconds

You’re Not Too Small or Too New to Profit From (And Afford) a Celebrity Endorsement

A Conversation with Evan Morgenstein of CelebExperts

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evan_morgenstein_MMRCelebrity endorsements are not just for giant consumer-products brands anymore. Many small businesses are discovering the sales magnetism of celebrities who talk up their products – whether in advertisements or social media posts.

Evan Morgenstein, president and CEO of CelebExperts, specializes in matching celebrities with businesses – including startups and not-ready-for-prime-time companies. His results have been nothing short of amazing.

This week on Monday Morning Radio, Morgenstein shares with host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart the ins-and-outs celebrity endorsements.

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Posted: March 7, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 51 minutes 52 seconds