This is YOUR Blind Voice (Speaking) Audition: Do You Have What It Takes?

Speech Coach Ita Olsen and Convey Clearly

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The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain! Perhaps. But Audrey Hepburn’s My Fair Lady transformation from a lowly Cockney flower girl to a gentile society lady with impeccable speech is anything but authentic.

It’s not that such a speech makeover isn’t possible, it’s just that the fictional professor of phonetics Henry Higgins doesn’t use the correct methodology.

Ita and Audrey

Ita and Audrey

Ita M. Olsen, this week’s guest on Monday Morning Radio, has spent more than two decades honing the right methods to correct speech and empower speakers. Ita is one of the world’s leading speech coaches. 

Whether you’re addressing an auditorium with thousands of listeners, a bank lending committee, a radio interviewer, or your own employees, how you deliver the message can actually be more important than what you say.

Ita and her company, Convey Clearly, have trained executives at American Express, JP Morgan, New York Life Insurance and many other leading global companies on ways to effectively deliver messages so that they have the desired impact.

This week Ita shares her top insights – both on how you can speak more clearly, and why you should.

Monday Morning Radio is produced and hosted by noted reputation coach Dean Rotbart.

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Posted: December 14, 2015
Monday Morning Run Time: 39 minutes 41 seconds

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