This App Can Prevent Distracted Teen Driving

Meet the Entrepreneurs Behind DriveSafe Mode

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Can a free phone and desktop application reduce the incidents of distracted teenage driving?

Las Vegas entrepreneurs Leon Wilde and Phil Randazzo believe it can, and they are betting their ample experience as successful business owners and investors on DriveSafe Mode, a patented application they designed to save lives – and parental anxiety.

drive_safe_mode_fThink of DriveSafe Mode as a 24/7 tattletale. If your teen is texting, tweeting, snapchatting, of otherwise posting – when he or she is in a moving vehicle, DriveSafe Mode can shut down the phone and notify you immediately. If your teen tries to disable the application, DriveSafe Mode will let you know that as well. 

This week on Monday Morning Radio, Leon and Phil tell host and noted reputation coach Dean Rotbart how they are navigating the highly competitive web app marketplace, and why they believe DriveSafe Mode is their express lane to a much larger, more successful suite of profitable products.

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 October 26, 2015
Monday Morning Run Time: 35 minutes 09 seconds

Behind the Scenes at ABC-TV’s Shark Tank

Hear the Halloween-Inspired Tale of Switch Witch Founders Lara Spear Riley and Rob Bouley


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UPDATELara and Rob appeared on Shark Tank on October 23rd. They sought $55,000 in exchange for 25% equity in their company. There were no takers among the sharks.

Business partners Lara Spear Riley and Rob Bouley are the co-creators of Switch Witch, a Halloween-themed plush doll, cauldron, and accompanying storybook. Come Halloween, children dress up and still go trick-or-treating. Only when the kids get home, they deposit a portion of their candy stash with their Switch Witch, and in the morning – Presto, Change-o – the candy has been transformed into a special switch gift.

The real magic is how this unlikely product and duo caught the attention of the producers at ABC-TV’s Shark Tank. Riley and Bouley will face off against the notorious panel of sharks on Friday, October 23, 2015, at 9 pm Eastern Day Time.

But first, Riley and Bouley share their own entrepreneurial tale – and the steps they took to earn a spot on Shark Tank – with reputation coach and Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart – our resident guppy. 

Visit Switch Witch and pick up a truly special Halloween treat for the children in your life:

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 October 19, 2015
Monday Morning Run Time: 32 minutes 45 seconds

These Model CEOs Were Genuine “Chief” Executives: The Wisdom of Native American Tribal Managers

‘Meetings in Moccasins’ Author Barbara Wittmann

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Author, entrepreneur, and business coach Barbara Wittmann gives new meaning to the term, “Chief Executive Officer.”

barbara_wittmannBecause the chiefs Barbara models her management advice after are those historic leaders of Native American tribes who led their people drawing upon ancient wisdom and a respect for the natural world.

Barbara, who is based in Munich, Germany, and runs an IT consulting business, is the author of “Meetings in Moccasins,” which is a practical and spirit guide to sustainable business success.

Host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart invites you to join him and Barbara for a very special Pow Wow this week on Monday Morning Radio.

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Posted: October 122015
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 32 minutes 45 seconds

“Who Am I, If Not My Company?”

Exit Signs – The Expressway to Selling
Your Company with Pride and Profit

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pamela_dennis-fGroucho Marx famously used to warble, “Hello, I must be going.”

Most business owners don’t pay nearly enough attention to their eventual exits, nor are they prepared to answer the soul-searching question, “Who am I, if not my company?

Enter Dr. Pamela Dennis, author of Exit Signs – The Expressway to Selling Your Company with Pride and Profit. She successfully sold her own multi-million consulting practice and has never regretted it for a moment. This week on Monday Morning Radio hosted by reputation coach Dean Rotbart, Dr. Dennis will share her formula for gracefully exiting the company you’ve built and love.

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Posted: October 52015
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 30 minutes 12 seconds