Janelle and Matt’s Wedding and the Personal Branding Lessons it Offers

KickFire Specializes in Laser-Focused Marketing

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On October 8th, in Ogden, Utah, Janelle Page and Matt Misbach will seal their love by exchanging wedding vows in front of a large gathering of family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Janelle_Page_FTheirs is not only a story of romance, it’s also a valuable lesson in personal branding and video marketing. Divorced and the mother of four, Janelle was having no luck attracting eligible suitors last year when she decided to apply her business experience – using video testimonials to help her clients generate more leads and make more sales – to the dating game.

Her 8 ½ minute autobiographical YouTube video, #ManHunt, spelled out exactly who she is, who she is looking for, and who need not apply. It worked.

Janelle and Matt share their tale this week on Monday Morning Radio with host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart. As Dean points out, mass marketing is great, but sometimes superfluous. “Whether you’re looking for a spouse, an employee, an investor, or a few new clients, laser-targeted marketing might just prove a perfect match for you as well,” Rotbart observes.

Janelle is the CEO of KickFire, based in Kaysville, UT. Her firm specializes in customized, laser-focused marketing campaigns.

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Posted: September 212015
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Online Communities Trump Blogs for Generating Customer Engagement

Socious and The Online Community Blueprint

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You don’t have to be Mark Zuckerberg, Noah Glass, Biz Stone or any of the other social media moguls to own and operate your own successful online community.

Which is great news, because custom online communities – where customers, clients, or members talk to and support one another – are rapidly surpassing blogs and the major social networking platforms as the very best vehicle for fostering brand loyalty and engagement.

Paul_BappleThat said, what works in theory often fails miserably in practice.

That’s why Katie Bapple and Joshua Paul, top experts in the field, have written a new book, The Online Community Blueprint, designed to help even small businesses master the art of online community creation and operation.

Katie and Joshua, both executives at Socious, whose software engages more than 1.3 million online community members, are the featured guests this week on Monday Morning Radio.

Katie and Joshua talk listeners through the basics of building a successful, proprietary online community. It is the cutting edge of online marketing and too important to ignore.

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Posted: September 142015
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Reputation Tool Chest Workshop


Rich Carr of Legacy Axis discusses methods to use online education to build a powerful reputation.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and company executives from around the country gathered in Denver ahead of Labor Day to attend the two-day Mile High Reputation Tool Chest Workshop.

The reputation clinic featured Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart, along with three nationally respected faculty members. The workshop was designed to help individuals and companies establish greater visibility by relying on a blend of reputational tools, including media relations, content marketing, SEO, social networking, videos, photos, and strategic events.

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