Heidi Ganahl Shares Some of Her Favorite Entrepreneurial Treats


Founder and CEO of Camp Bow Wow

[Listen and Profit Now™]

Heidi Ganahl has lived a dog’s life. And a lucky dog at that. She is the founder of Camp Bow Wow, which she grew from one doggy daycare center into the largest pet-care franchiser in North America.

When Heidi sold her company in 2014 (she remains CEO), it had about 3,500 employees and generated system-wide sales of $71 million. Want to know how you can follow in her paw-steps? Heidi shares her favorite entrepreneur treats with our drooling host, Dean Rotbart, at MondayMorningRadio.com.

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Posted: August 17 2015
Run Time: 
31 minutes 41 seconds

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