You Will Finally Write Your First Business Book This Year. Bet On It!


The Profitable Business Author: Julie Anne Eason

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Procrastinators and self-doubters be forewarned. This week on Monday Morning Radio, Wizard Academy graduate Julie Anne Eason will kick to the curb all your best excuses for not writing a book to help promote yourself and your business.

Julie, a professional writer and coach, has heard every excuse in the book – for not writing one. She’s not buying any of them.

Julie Anne Eason

Julie Anne Eason

Julie’s own book, The Profitable Business Author, is due out any minute. Moreover, Julie will be joining Rich Carr (last week’s guest) and Elad Hogen as guest faculty members at Dean Rotbart’s upcoming Mile High Reputation Tool Chest Workshop.

On this week’s podcast, Julie shares some of her best publishing insights and previews her presentation at Dean’s awesome workshop (September 3rd and 4th.)

p.s. There is no “Rabbit Hole” on Monday Morning Radio. But, if you’ve ever considered writing a book and haven’t yet done so, be sure to keep listening this week after the formal portion of the podcast ends. We dare you!

p.p.s. Join Dean, Julie, Rich Carr, Dennis Kneale and many others in pledging to write your own book and challenging others toReach Out and Write.”

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Posted: August 10 2015
Run Time: 
37 minutes 11 seconds

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