Weigh Anchor on the Next Amazing Chapter in Your Life


Sail Into Retirement with Larry Jacobson

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Larry Jacobson walked away from a lucrative business and well-established life to spend six years sailing around the world. Why? Because he dreamed of doing it since he was a boy. Now Larry has set sail on a new voyage – teaching others how to follow in his wake.

Larry’s “Sail Into Retirement” program is NOT about 401ks, pension plans or reverse mortgages. It is about finding the courage and the commitment to weigh anchor on your old life and begin anew. Join Larry and Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart, his ersatz first mate, as they explore the unchartered waters of retirement bliss.

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Posted: August 312015
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31 minutes 44 seconds

A Hiring System That Really Works: From Minimum-Wage Workers to CEOs

Innovator Jeff Wilson’s Ultimate Hiring System

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Hiring the wrong person to go to work in your company can be a very expensive mistake. But don’t feel bad. Four out of five new hires nationwide never see their 18th month.

Jeff Wilson knew there had to be a better way. A graduate of the Wharton School, Jeff designed the Ultimate Hiring System, a simple-to-follow method that allows every business – no matter how large or small – to attract, hire, and retain great people.

JeffWilson-FLearn the dos and don’ts of recruitment this week on Monday Morning Radio.

[This is Jeff’s second visit to Monday Morning Radio. During his earlier interview, in November 2012, Jeff and his son Jake discussed the unglamorous world of bookkeeping and accounting, and demonstrated how to spot opportunities for profits that most business owners overlook. The episode is among the ten most popular all-time editions of the show.]
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Posted: August 24 2015
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Heidi Ganahl Shares Some of Her Favorite Entrepreneurial Treats


Founder and CEO of Camp Bow Wow

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Heidi Ganahl has lived a dog’s life. And a lucky dog at that. She is the founder of Camp Bow Wow, which she grew from one doggy daycare center into the largest pet-care franchiser in North America.

When Heidi sold her company in 2014 (she remains CEO), it had about 3,500 employees and generated system-wide sales of $71 million. Want to know how you can follow in her paw-steps? Heidi shares her favorite entrepreneur treats with our drooling host, Dean Rotbart, at MondayMorningRadio.com.

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Posted: August 17 2015
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31 minutes 41 seconds

You Will Finally Write Your First Business Book This Year. Bet On It!


The Profitable Business Author: Julie Anne Eason

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Procrastinators and self-doubters be forewarned. This week on Monday Morning Radio, Wizard Academy graduate Julie Anne Eason will kick to the curb all your best excuses for not writing a book to help promote yourself and your business.

Julie, a professional writer and coach, has heard every excuse in the book – for not writing one. She’s not buying any of them.

Julie Anne Eason

Julie Anne Eason

Julie’s own book, The Profitable Business Author, is due out any minute. Moreover, Julie will be joining Rich Carr (last week’s guest) and Elad Hogen as guest faculty members at Dean Rotbart’s upcoming Mile High Reputation Tool Chest Workshop.

On this week’s podcast, Julie shares some of her best publishing insights and previews her presentation at Dean’s awesome workshop (September 3rd and 4th.)

p.s. There is no “Rabbit Hole” on Monday Morning Radio. But, if you’ve ever considered writing a book and haven’t yet done so, be sure to keep listening this week after the formal portion of the podcast ends. We dare you!

p.p.s. Join Dean, Julie, Rich Carr, Dennis Kneale and many others in pledging to write your own book and challenging others toReach Out and Write.”

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Posted: August 10 2015
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37 minutes 11 seconds

The Education Engine Can Rev Up Your Reputation

rich_carrAn Interview with Rich Carr, Founder

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It’s Back-to-School Week at Monday Morning Radio. Only your role is as teacher of your own powerful online course.

Online education is a booming industry and Rich Carr, founder of The Education Engine and a Wizard Academy alumnus, is here to explain how business owners and managers can easily become online professors.

Whether your students are employees, customers, or paying registrants, The Education Engine makes building an effective online course simple and effective.

Rich and his programmers have designed The Education Engine to be intuitive enough that anyone can design and offer an effective online course, yet sophisticated enough to easily surpass face-to-face workshops, speeches, and Power Point presentations in their impact. Clients of The Education Engine include a wide range of satisfied clients, from Fortune 50 companies to Mom & Pop retailers.

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Posted: August 3 2015
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29 minutes 45 seconds

Rich Carr will be one of the guest faculty members at Dean Rotbart’s upcoming Mile High Reputation Tool Chest Workshop in Denver on September 3rd and 4th.  For more details or to register, visit: www.rtc.events. Reinvent your reputation in two extraordinary days.