A Special Treat For Your Medial Orbito Frontal Cortex (Pleasure Center)

Introducing The Whisk(e)y Marketing School

Whittington (l) & Fischer

Whittington & Fischer

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You’ve read this week’s Monday Morning Memo, now hear all about The Whisk(e)y Marketing School from Professors Daniel Whittington and Tom Fischer.

Daniel, in Austin, and Tom, in London, will orate on exactly why storytelling, showmanship, and Single Malt Scotch make for an ideal blend.

As Daniel and Tom instruct the always sober Dean Rotbart, The Whisk(e)y Marketing School is only partly about understanding the world of whiskey. More importantly – and in keeping with the ethos of The Wizard Academy – the new school is really about making memories and creating experiences that people throughout the nation will soon be clamoring to partake in.

Whether you imbibe or not, there are some great business and marketing principles to savor on this week’s episode of Monday Morning Radio. Drink it in.

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Posted: June 29,  2015
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24 minutes 46 seconds

Leveraging Adversity: Turning Your Business Woes into Assets

A Conversation with Claire Dorotik-Nana

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Claire Dorotik-Nana has experienced adversity of a severity few of us will ever know.

The day before Valentines Day in 2001, Claire’s mother murdered her father, who was bludgeoned and strangled. Only days earlier, Claire’s family seemed about as normal as they come.

claire_full_clippedIf that wasn’t awful enough, the lawyer defending Claire’s mother subsequently suggested that Claire, who was 24 at the time, had been the one to perpetrate the heinous crime.

Under such stress, most people would have crumbled.

Instead, Claire – this week’s guest on Monday Morning Radio – grew from the traumatic experience, and ever since has been helping others who face all variety of stress and trauma.

Claire, a licensed therapist and popular online columnist, is the author of a new book, Leverage: The Science of Turning Setbacks into Springboards. The book offers insights that can help small business owners and entrepreneurs cultivate the necessary skills to overcome adversity, both on the job and in their private lives.

Turn up the volume, as Claire shares the amazing story of her rebound this week with host Dean Rotbart.

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Posted: June 22,  2015
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29 minutes 47 seconds

Dr. Bill Dorfman: From Dental School to Multi-Millionaire Business Owner

The Business Tale Behind ‘America’s Dentist’


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To kickoff our 4th year of weekly podcasts, Monday Morning Radio is honored to welcome Dr. Bill Dorfman, television personality, best-selling author, inventor, entrepreneur, and world-class philanthropist.

Dr. Dorfman

Dr. Dorfman

Dr. Dorfman, whose dental patients include a who’s who of Hollywood’s brightest stars, has previously been a guest on Oprah, The Tonight Show, The Today Show, Dr. Phil, and many other national programs. He is currently a featured dentist and occasional host on the CBS award-winning daytime show, The Doctors.

This week, Dr. Dorfman explains how he made the journey from a fresh dental school graduate to a multi-millionaire business owner and celebrity. Open wide and let the wisdom in.

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Posted: June 15,  2015
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Ray Kroc & Dave Thomas – Meet Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels

Bruges Waffles & Frites

Philippe (l) and Pierre (r)

Philippe (l) and Pierre (r)

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Did you hear the story about the two guys from Europe who moved to Salt Lake City, bought a street food cart, and began peddling fresh hand-made Belgium waffles and fries?

One day, if Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels have their way, their tale will be the stuff of legends, much like Ray Kroc and McDonalds, and Dave Thomas and Wendy’s.

bruges_logoPierre and Philippe are the co-founders of Bruges Waffles & Frites, which has grown into a booming four-restaurant chain in Utah, and is now expanding to other states across the Mountain West. Relying on authentic Belgium recipes, Bruges Waffles & Frites draws cult-like crowds of customers clamoring for their fast-casual cuisine.

This week on Monday Morning Radio, Pierre and Philippe will whet your appetite for their style of cooking up impressive profits – along with the best darn waffles and fries this side of the Atlantic Ocean.
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Posted: June 8,  2015
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34 minutes 09 seconds