Rules for Businesswomen to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

An Exclusive Interview with Bonnie Marcus, Success Coach

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bonnie_marcus_150hWomen may be every bit as talented as men, even more talented, but they often fall behind in the business world because they haven’t mastered the rules of networking, office politics, and self promotion.

This week on Monday Morning Radio, Bonnie Marcus, founder of Women’s Success Coaching, shows women business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals how to get ahead and stay ahead in today’s competitive workplace.

Men will especially want to hear what Bonnie has to say.  If she’s right, your business and/or your job is on the line.

24% of Wives Earn More Than Their Husbands

40% of Mothers are the Sole or Primary Breadwinners in Their Homes

50% Increased Likelihood of Divorce When the Wife Outearns Her Husband


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Posted: January 12, 2015
Run Time: 24 minutes, 55 seconds

A “We” Generation Success: BM Windows and Michal Bohm

A Pendulum Example – Williams & Drew

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When America is living through a “Me” generation, we admire bold, assertive people.

This is that time when multilevel marketing thrives and hard-sell pressure tactics work best. And the most cutthroat salesmen of all go into the business of selling replacement windows. But when the pendulum has swung into a “We” generation – such as we’re in today – we admire people who are considerate.

Michal Bohm is the highly considerate owner of BM Windows, a replacement window company that has risen to the top of the market through a consumer-friendly website that stresses education, not sales.

Listen in as Michal tells Dean Rotbart, host of Monday Morning Radio and Business Unconventional, how ethical behavior and a customer-friendly website put his company at the top of the heap. Michal and Dean are waiting for you right now.

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Photo: Dean Rotbart, Host
January 5, 2015
Run Time: 21 minutes