Kosher Foods: Ancient Recipe Brings Modern Business Opportunities

Kosherfest 2014 – Founder, Menachem Lubinsky

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You don’t have to be Jewish to love Kosher food…or to profit handsomely from it.

Thousands of business owners from around the world turned out earlier this month for the 26th annual Kosherfest trade show, a showcase of kosher food and beverage industry.  This week on Monday Morning Radio the event’s founder, Menachem Lubinsky, explains why so many non-Jewish business owners are hopping aboard the Kosher bandwagon and how you can come aboard.

Founder, Kosherfest

Founder, Kosherfest

Menachem, who is President & CEO of LUBICOM Marketing Consulting, is interviewed by Wizard Academy faculty member Dean Rotbart, an award-winning veteran broadcast journalist.  Dean is co-host of Business Unconventional. The one-hour radio newsmagazine debuted in October 2011 on News/Talk 710 KNUS AM in Denver.

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Posted: November 24, 2014
Monday Morning Run Time: 29 Minutes 30 Seconds

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