Turning Brand Stories into Buyer Legends – A Master Class

Featuring Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg

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Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg

New York Times bestselling authors and Wizard Academy faculty members Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg are out with their latest blockbuster book, Buyer Legends, a Master Class that shows companies large and small how to use customer narratives to turbocharge sales and transform business cultures.

Bryan and Jeffrey are recognized global authorities in marketing optimization, analytics and customer experience design.  With their new book, they demonstrate how to best communicate your brand’s story intent at each and every level of your organization, from the stockroom to the boardroom.

Buyer Legends is available now as a download from Amazon.com.  On this week’s Monday Morning Radio, Bryan and Jeffrey take listeners on a private tour of their new book and the concepts that are already revolutionizing sales and performance at companies such as Google and HP.

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Posted: October 27, 2014
Monday Morning Run Time:  31 minutes  01 seconds

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