Bad Backs Are Big Business – The Body Archer Hits the Bull’s-eye

An Exclusive Interview with Robert Wald, Owner

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At some point in their lives, 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain, creating ample opportunities for entrepreneurs who can help prevent or address the problem.

Robert Wald, The Body Archer

Robert Wald launched The Body Archer after a successful career in Hollywood

An Oscar-nominated film sound mixer with more than 4 decades experience in Hollywood, Robert Wald launched a second career selling The Body Archer stretching chair in 2012.  Handcrafted in the USA, the Body Archer replaces run-of-the-mill ergonomic desk chairs.

This week on Monday Morning Radio, Robert shares his experience licensing, manufacturing and marketing The Body Archer.  Even if your back isn’t achy, his business insights will make you sit up and take notice.

Posted: September 1, 2014
Monday Morning Run Time:  26 minutes  27 seconds
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Harnessing the Power of Feng Shui for Your Business (and Personal Life)

An Exclusive Interview with Kathryn Weber – Publisher, Red Lotus Letter

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The Apple store in New York on Fifth Avenue and the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas are just two examples of retailers that use the ancient concept of feng shui to drive sales.

Kathryn Weber

Harness the power of feng shui for your business or professional practice

Kathryn Weber, publisher of Red Lotus Letter – with more than 30,000 subscribers, is one of the nation’s leading feng shui experts.  This week onMonday Morning Radio, Katie explains how the power of feng shui can be harnessed by all small business owners and entrepreneurs.  As she explains it, it boils down to “5,000 years of common sense.”

Posted: August 25, 2014
Monday Morning Run Time:  34 minutes  36 seconds
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The Daily Work Treadmill – A Fabulous Way To Stay Healthy

An Exclusive Interview with Steve Bordley – Inventor, TrekDesk

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Most experts offer advice on how to get off the daily work treadmill.

Steve Bordley - Monday Morning Radio

Bordley spends the majority of each work day on his treadmill at his TrekDesk

Entrepreneur Steve Bordley makes his living encouraging small business owners and professionals to get on the daily work treadmill.  Literally.

Bordley is the inventor of TrekDesk, a specially designed treadmill desk that allows users to conduct their daily affairs – whether they’re graphic designers, accountants or salespeople — all while walking slowly on a treadmill.

Bordley and TrekDesk have become global sensations, as more and more otherwise sedentary executives recognize the health benefits of walking while you work. Bordley is this week’s mobile guest on Monday Morning Radio.

Posted: August 18, 2014
Monday Morning Run Time:  33 minutes  31 seconds
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‘Not My Table’ – How NOT to Run A Successful Restaurant (Or Any Service Business)

An Exclusive Interview with Roger Beaudoin – The Restaurant Rock Star

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How do the skills associated with operating a successful restaurant compare to those required to run any successful service business?

Until recently, Roger Beaudoin operated a seasonal restaurant that rang up more than $1 million in revenues in just 4 months each year.  It’s one reason why he is known as THE Restaurant Rock Star.

Roger Beaudoin

Roger Beaudoin reveals 10 of the ineffective restaurant service traps that he avoids at all costs.

On this week’s Monday Morning Radio, Roger reveals 10 of the ineffective restaurant service traps that he avoids at all costs.  Importantly, most of his do’s and don’ts apply not just to the restaurant industry, but to every successful service enterprise.  Learn more about Roger at

Posted: August 11, 2014
Monday Morning Run Time:  42 minutes  40 seconds
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You’ve Got 160 Characters to Score a Marketing Homerun. Go!!

James Sorbel

Jaymes Sorbel, founder of MeTesto Professional.

Jaymes Sorbel knows how to get the immediate attention of your customers and drive them to action: text message them.

Sorbel, founder of MeTesto Professional, says the 160 characters contained in well-executed text-message campaigns can generate a huge response.  A key reason?

Customers are so viscerally addicted to receiving and sending text messages that 80% of us text while watching TV and 44% of us take our smart phones to bed with us.

Sorbel details the dos and don’ts of effective text-message marketing on this week’s Monday Morning Radio.

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[Note: At several spots in this week’s episode, the sound quality is briefly inaudible.  The glitches pass very quickly.]

Posted: August 4, 2014

Monday Morning Run Time:  34 minutes  41 seconds
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