Cultivating Big Profits in a Small Market

Watters Garden Center Has a ‘Green’ Thumb for Plants and Profits


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Ken Lain is a master at cultivating profits from a small business in a small market. Along with his wife, Lisa, Ken owns Watters Garden Center in Prescott, Arizona – a city of about 42,000 residents located in the mountainous area of central Arizona.

Ken, a graduate of host Dean Rotbart’s “Reputation Tool Chest” course at Wizard Academy, relies on a rich bouquet of marketing tools – including over-the-air radio programs, YouTube videos, on-site courses, and rock ‘em, sock ‘em customer service to beat back the predatory tactics and pricing of nearby Big Box competitors.

Ken definitely has a green thumb – both for gardening and profit-making. Ken shares his proven financial seeding and growth tips this week on Monday Morning Radio.

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Posted: September 26, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 38 minutes 20 seconds

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Businessman Dave Chandler is Running (Belt) Circles Around the Competition

Working From Thailand, The Do-It-Yourself Entrepreneur Relies on To Sell His Popular “Running Belt Max” Waist Belts

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Dave Chandler is the consummate do-it-yourself entrepreneur. The creator of Running Belt Max, a popular Lycra waist belt that appeals to athletes and non-athletes alike, Dave has no employees.

chandler_skypeThe Atlanta native serves as Running Belt Max’s designer, marketer, distributor, PR guy, and webmaster. Moreover, he’s orchestrating all of this from Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he relocated four years ago.

Although Running Belt Max is less than a year old, it is already selling better than 97% of all sports waist belts on It’s first production run sold out in only ten weeks.

This week, via Skype, Dave shares secrets from his one-man-band entrepreneurial playbook with host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart, exclusively right now on Monday Morning Radio.

[Dave Chandler has made a small number of Running Belt Max samples available for free to listeners of Monday Morning Radio. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To get your free belt, fill out the short form at There are no costs and no strings attached.]

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Posted: September 19, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 40 minutes 59 seconds


From Benchwarmer to Olympic Record Holder and Business Champion

How Ruben Gonzalez Relied on Perseverance and Courage to Snag His Dreams

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In high school and college, Ruben Gonzalez displayed hardly a lick of athletic talent. Yet he dreamed of becoming an Olympian and being counted among the elite athletes of the world.

That he did.

From benchwarmer to record holder, Ruben made courage and perseverance his mantra, and went on to become the only Olympic athlete ever to compete in four Olympic games in four different decades – most recently in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, at age 47.

These days Ruben is a much-in-demand corporate speaker and author, translating his strategies for success from the icy luge track to the fast-paced, often icy business and career world.

Reputation coach and host Dean Rotbart recently visited with Ruben at his home near the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Hear Dean’s gold-medal report this week on Monday Morning Radio.

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Posted: September 12, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 33 minutes 05 seconds


Main Street Is Awakening to the Huge Opportunity Augmented Reality Presents

IT Craft’s Anthony Suddia Explains How Pokémon GO’s Technology is Trickling Down to Small Business


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The technology that powers Pokémon GO is coming to a small business, perhaps yours, soon.

Augmented Reality, which allows smartphone and tablet users to locate, capture and train virtual Pokémon creatures in real-world settings, is also enabling consumers to test drive virtual furniture in their living rooms, authors to make photos leap off the pages of their books, real estate agents to offer immersive virtual tours of homes for sale, and doctors to test, virtually, surgical procedures on live patients.

IT Craft, based in Ukraine, is a leader in the global effort to bring Augmented Realty, known as AR, to Main Street businesses.

This week, Anthony Suddia, a Kharkiv-based content specialist with IT Craft, takes host Dean Rotbart and his Monday Morning Radio listeners on a wild tour of AR and how it is transforming the small business world.

Brace yourself, for your own reality is about to be augmented.

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Posted: September 5, 2016
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‘Rising Above’ Adversity: How Hardship Can Forge Strength

WSJ Reporter and Author Gregory Zuckerman and Sons, Gabriel and Elijah

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Gregory, Elijah, and Gabriel Zuckerman cropped author photo (1)

This week’s guest, Gregory Zuckerman, is marking his 20th year as a reporter with The Wall Street Journal.

Greg, who himself has been a publishing entrepreneur, is fascinated by unlikely characters who overcome life’s obstacles to achieve phenomenal success.

Already the author of two blockbuster books – The Greatest Trade Ever, and The Frackers – Greg enlisted his two sons to pen a third book, Rising Above, the tale of how 11 athletes overcame challenges in their youth to become stars.

Among those Greg and his sons profile are LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Jim Abbott, Shane Battier, and Althea Gibson.

Rising Above is targeted at school-age readers. But whether you have kids who are still in school, or you are a seasoned entrepreneur looking for inspiration, the core message of Rising Above is essential: It’s not where you begin, but where you journey that matters most.

Greg and Gabriel share their experience studying adversity, and working together on a family book project, with host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart.

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 (L-R) Eli, Gabriel and Greg Zuckerman
Posted: August 29, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 33 minutes 34 seconds


Grab Your Slice of the $45 Billion Apps Marketplace

United Games Aims to Be the ‘Uber’ of Digital Gaming

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If you love sports, or have customers, friends, and family who do, this week’s edition of Monday Morning Radio may offer you a low-risk way to earn some extra income – and really enjoy it.

My guests – John Zehr and Robb Lewis, say they’ve developed an opportunity to leverage your existing customer base and social networks to grab a slice of the $45 billion apps industry. 

lewis-zehr-collageRobb Lewis is an executive with Utah-based United Games, which has created a live, interactive sports app that promises to let sports fans – in the stadium, on their televisions, or using their smart phones – experience and interact with live sporting events like no game app ever before.

John Zehr, an early adopter, is one of thousands of affiliate hopefuls who plan to use word-of-mouth buzz to attract players to the free app – and profit when those players buy tokens, or watch commercials embedded into the game.

The opportunity intrigued host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart enough that he not only invited John and Robb on the program, he agreed to pay the rather minimal upfront fee and small monthly retainer to try his hand at becoming a games app mogul.

[Email Dean at and he can provide you an official invitation to become an affiliate as well.]

To paraphrase President Reagan, Dean says, “I plan to trust United Games, but verify. I encourage my listeners to do likewise.”

Photo: Robb Lewis (l) and John Zehr
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Posted: August 22, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 40 minutes 58 seconds